The Activities

Cross Visits

Cross Visits

Peer-to-peer learning through Cross-Visits and scaling through on-farm demonstration are part of STRATUS.

20 Cross Visits will be organised in 2 rounds.

STRATUS will ensure the involvement of the 27 EU member states in the Cross Visits, inviting representatives from the countries not present in the partnership.



On-farm demonstrations will provide farmers with practical, tangible experiences of farming methods and technologies that they can subsequently use to improve their own farming practices.

STRATUS will facilitate and support the delivery of up to 60 demonstration events over the project lifetime, 40 under the Communities of Practices activity, and 20 during the Cross Visits.



With a Train the Trainers (TtT) approach, the network members will be trained on 3 levels that cover the broader skills required by advisors:

a) technical: effective and novel sustainable approaches to the reduction of nutrient losses and the use of fertilisers

b) organizational: organising CVs, demos, managing groups, integrating individual advice, managing info

c) interpersonal: soft skills, involvement of the AKIS, communicating on societal requirements, enhancing innovation.
The trained advisors from the FINs will then train other advisors in their CoPs, in line with the TtT approach, adapting the lessons learned to the local context and maximising the impact of the learnings.

Workshops, conferences, country events


Advisory networks cross-fertilisation workshops

Three face-to-face joint workshops will be organised bringing together results from other advisory networks funded under the Horizon Europe 2023 2024 programme to a wide representation of advisors and farmers´ organisations from all over Europe, to present and deliver the networks and tools for their further uptake.

Country dissemination events

Ten physical events will be organized at the country level aiming at transferring the overall Fertiliser Innovation Networks outputs to each Community of Practice at the end of the project.

They will count on the participation of policymakers and authorities, with a session dedicated to policy and presentation of STRATUS policy briefs.

Online conferences

An Online initial dissemination event will be organized in the first year to connect with advisors from the 27 EU countries and address their real needs from the start, presenting STRATUS goals and activities.

A final online conference to show the final project results to the EU-wide public will be celebrated at the end of the project.