The Network

STRATUS will create an EU-wide advisory network through the creation of three transnational sub-networks in which trained advisors will collect a Good Practices (GPs) and Research Innovations (RIs) on optimal fertiliser use and will identify Best Practices (BPs) as the result of the systemic feasibility assessment of the GPs and RIs.

Why an EU-wide advisory network for optimal fertiliser use?

The network map

What is a Fertilisation Innovation Network (FIN)?

A Fertilisation Innovation Network is a technical network based on effective novel approaches covering the three main challenges leading to the creation of a Sustainable Nutrient Management Plan.

There are three FINs:

Fertiliser Innovation Network on Precision farming

Using technology and digitalisation for an optimal fertiliser use.

Why address “Precision farming” in an Advisory Fertiliser Innovation Network?

Precission farming

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Fertiliser Innovation Network on Biobased Fertilisers

Substitution of mineral fertilisers with sustainable, affordable high-quality biobased alternatives from different residue and waste stream.

Why address “Bio-based fertilisers” in an Advisory Fertiliser Innovation Network?

Biobased Fertilisers

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Fertiliser Innovation Network on Soil Quality

Use of different farming techniques, such as alternative crops, cover crops, carbon farming, or timing of input applications for more sustainable nutrient management, reducing nutrient losses while ensuring soil fertility and quality.


Why address “Soil Quality” in an Advisory Fertiliser Innovation Network?

Soil Quality

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Communities of practices

Community of Practice

STRATUS will ensure the integration of the advisors in the Member States Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) as well as adapt the project work to the local conditions through the creation of 10 Communities of Practices (CoPs), in 10 partners countries. These CoPs will be established with local AKIS actors, following a multi-actor approach.

A Community of Practice is a multi-actor group composed of relevant regional/national IFM AKIS members meeting regularly to improve and share their knowledge, advisory methods and skills in support of Integrated Fertilisation Management practices. Its function is to make the STRATUS network part also of the regional/national AKIS of each partner country.

Who integrates each Community of Practice?

Integrates each Community of Practice

The Communities of Practices (CoPs) will be managed by the advisors involved in the Fertilization Innovation Network (FINs) that act as Innovation Brokers in their local IFM AKIS.

The CoP will follow the multi-actor approach and include regiional and national policy makers and relevant education organisations along with other AKIS actors such as farmers, industry and researchers.